There is something truly magical about finding that perfect bottle to accentuate a meal. Below, we list some of the major varietals and the best food to enjoy with them!


Pinot Grigio ‘

An easy-drinking wine that generally pairs well with fish, salad, and chicken. Italian pinot grigio can be paired with vegetable lasagna, hearty potato casserole, and a wide assortment of hard cheeses. It also works with smoked salmon, fresh crab, sausages, and early spring vegetables

Sauvignon Blanc

The perfect summer sipper! Sauv Blanc’s juicy fruit and snappy acidity will get any diner in the mood for food! French bottles (focus on Loire Valley) are wonderful with chilled seafood salad, goat cheese, and smoked fish pates. California bottles are best with the farmer’s market veggies, fresh pasta, fresh or aged goat cheeses, and any seafood or chicken off the grill.


Take this classic bottle to the next level with the proper dinner! With bottles from France, white Burgundy is best with braised chicken and vegetables, souffle, lobster tail, and creamy cheeses. California Chardonnays are lovely with lime-marinated chicken, grilled shrimp, and vegetable skewers, seared scallop pasta with fresh tomatoes and herbs


Pinot Noir

Old or New World–you’re sure to be ‘wowed’ by this light-bodied favorite! We suggest marinated venison, mushroom dishes, braised rabbit, baked salmon, or roasted pork loin for red Burgundy. You can pair a New World Pinot Noir with pork. lamb or duck, Fruit-based sauces, chutneys, and mushrooms make a strong supporting cast. Select firm, moderately flavored cheeses like Gruyere, Gouda, and aged Cheddar for a cheese board.


A bold, hearty red- get ready to dive into its earthy opulence with a decadent winter meal! We suggest Cornas, a syrah from northern Rhone, with grilled lamb chops and couscous, brisket, braised beef, or Moroccan spiced lamb. For a bottle from Santa Barbara, we recommend BBQ pork, grilled lamb, or Asian beef dishes


The umami lovers delight- Malbec is your new favorite red for earthy dishes. From France, Cahors is excellent with seared duck breast, black bean burgers, braised beef, casseroles made with game birds, or dark meat chicken. For bottles from Argentina, hangar steak with a generous helping of chimichurri. They are both wonderful with all kinds of grilled meats and cheeses. Don’t forget the spicy chorizo.

Cabernet Sauvignon

Arguably the most popular wine in the world- Cab Sauv is the perfect red for almost any meat dish! For a bottle of Bordeaux, we recommend game birds or dry-aged steaks. New World bottles, in particular Napa Valley Cabernet, try a rare steak, lamb, roast beef, portobello mushrooms, or grilled lamb.

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