Chicago Wine &Amp; Sommelier School

The Chicago Wine School

The only wine school in Chicago to offer accredited sommelier certification from the National Wine School. The Chicago Wine & Sommelier School offers wine courses up to the Level Three Certification. Programs are offered online and in person.

The Chicago Wine & Sommelier School was established in 2020 by two former technology executives seeking a better life. Having earned their Advanced Sommelier Certification, they completed the NWS teacher training program in Philadelphia.

We offer wine tastings, corporate wine training, and NWS sommelier certification programs. We also run the best wine classes in Chicago!

Online Professional Wine Courses

Wine 101

Best of Wine Lists ↗

Our list of the best wine businesses in Chicago and the United States. From Wine Events to Wine Apps and Wine Storage Facilities.

The Five Esses

The wine basics! Everyone who loves wine should know the five esses of wine tasting!

Wine Styles ↗

The styles of wine you should know before starting a wine class.

How Wine is Made

The basic steps of winemaking. From growing grapes to aging wine!

Wine Vocabulary

All the important words to know about wine. From Acids to Late Harvest.

Food and Wine Pairing ↗

The basics of food and wine pairing are just for you!

Wine Journalism ↗

We have wine articles on dozens of topics, from wine storage facilities, decanting wine, top wine regions worldwide, natural wines, wine-tasting basics, and so much more. We offer reading material for all wine lovers, from the master Chicago sommelier to the wine newbie.

Chicago Wine Schools

Chicago has a storied history of wine education. We may be the best, but we are far from the first. From the original Chicago Wine School to the American Wine School Chicago to the half dozen franchises offering WSET Level 1 programs, the history of sommelier education is deep!

Sommelier Certification ↗

Whether you are a wine professional seeking certification or a wine enthusiast seeking knowledge for the pure joy of the experience, our programs are perfect for you. We got you from the beginner wine course through the sommelier certification.

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