A leading institution in the ever-evolving field of wine education, the Chicago Wine School (with the National Wine School) offers comprehensive online sommelier courses. This esteemed school, committed to excellence and passionate about wine, has adapted to the digital age, offering wine enthusiasts and professionals an immersive and accessible training experience. As a leading online wine school, the Chicago Wine School offers individuals around the globe the chance to unlock sommelier expertise through its innovative online platform. We’ll look at how these online courses are changing wine education and shaping the future of aspiring sommeliers.

Accessible Wine Education at Your Fingertips

A wide range of wine education has been made accessible to a wider audience thanks to the Chicago Wine School’s online sommelier courses, which have broken down geographical barriers. The sommelier journey can now be undertaken anywhere in the world with just an internet connection. As a result of the flexible online format, students can balance their personal and professional commitments while learning at their own pace.

Interactive Virtual Learning Environment

Online sommelier courses at the Chicago Wine School are designed to provide an immersive, interactive learning environment. Instructors provide live video lectures, interactive discussions, and live Q&A sessions through a sophisticated virtual platform. Wine enthusiasts can engage, collaborate, and form a sense of community within this dynamic environment, resulting in an enriching educational experience.

Expert-Led Curriculum Tailored for Success

The online sommelier courses the Chicago Wine School offers feature a meticulously crafted curriculum led by industry experts and certified sommeliers. Wine regions, grape varietals, viticulture, winemaking techniques, wine tasting, and food pairing are covered in detail. Students are prepared for the wine world by developing the necessary skills by balancing theory and practical application.

Virtual Tastings: Exploring Flavors from Afar

Students at the Chicago Wine School may be separated physically, but virtual tastings are seamlessly integrated into their online sommelier courses. In collaboration with their instructors, students explore and analyze wine together with carefully selected wine kits delivered to their doorsteps. A guided tasting session teaches participants how to discern aromas, evaluate flavors, and develop sensory abilities while being guided by experienced professionals. These tastings are available for L2 and L3 programs.

Charting a Path to Wine Industry Success

Completion of the Chicago Wine School’s online sommelier courses provides individuals with a clear path to a variety of exciting career opportunities within the wine industry. Graduates can pursue careers as sommeliers in upscale restaurants, wine consultants, wine educators, or even embark on entrepreneurial ventures. Armed with comprehensive knowledge and practical expertise, students are equipped with the skills necessary to succeed in diverse wine-focused roles.

Upcoming Classes

The Chicago Wine & Sommelier School offers both in-person and online classes. Currently, all in-person classes are booked until next year. All online classes are through the National Wine School. Online classes are 

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