How-To Guides for Sommeliers

Welcome to the ultimate resource hub for sommeliers and wine enthusiasts alike! At the Chicago Wine School, our How-To Guides section is designed to  elevate your wine knowledge. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or a passionate amateur , our guides provide invaluable insights into the intricacies of wine tasting, selection, and service.

Delve into comprehensive tutorials that cover everything from the basics of wine types and tasting techniques to advanced topics such as managing a wine cellar and mastering food and wine pairings. Each guide is designed not only to inform but also to inspire, encouraging you to explore new flavors and enhance your appreciation of wine.

With tips from industry experts and step-by-step instructions, our articles ensure you gain the practical knowledge needed to excel in any wine-related endeavor. Whether it’s selecting the perfect bottle for a client or organizing an unforgettable wine tasting event, you’ll find the tools you need to succeed right here.

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How to Become a Winemaker

Diving into the wine world? Think about winemaking. It’s an art. From nurturing grapes to bottling, winemakers are the maestros. They grow community and buzz around their creations, blending creativity with social flair.Let’s unwrap this career.Winemakers: Who Are They? Call them enologists, vintners, or wine wizards. They run the show at wineries, ensuring each bottle […]

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How to Open a Bottle of Wine

Why know how to open a bottle of wine? Because it is a beautiful beverage. Perhaps it’s the most complex and sophisticated, but it’s still easy to enjoy. Wine makes every occasion better — it turns get-togethers into celebrations and meals into dinner parties! And although knowing everything about wine is challenging, you don’t need

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Wine Cellar Pros and Cons

The Wine Cellar MythWine enthusiasts agree that aging wine is the ne plus ultra of wine expertise. But what if the whole enterprise was a folly, or worse, a marketing ploy to get consumers to invest in fancy wine accouterments and more? Maybe that’s too cynical a view. But here’s what we know: Most wines do

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Wine Tasting Basics

Wine Tasting Basics

You’ll first need to gather some basic tools. Here are our recommendations. We don’t include decanting in this article, but it is recommended. Waiter’s CorkscrewSometimes also referred to as a wine key, this is the only corkscrew used by professionals. It is lightweight and portable and gives the user the most control over the cork.

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