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Explore the world of wine through the eyes of expert journalists on our Wine Journalism page at the Chicago Wine School. This section offers a deep dive into the captivating stories that shape the wine industry. Whether you’re a budding writer or a wine aficionado, these articles will enrich your understanding of wine culture and the artistry behind winemaking. Engage with thought-provoking content that bridges the gap between wine and narrative, all penned by seasoned journalists and industry insiders.

how become a winemaker

How to Become a Winemaker

Diving into the wine world? Think about winemaking. It’s an art. From nurturing grapes to bottling, winemakers are the maestros. They grow community and buzz around their creations, blending creativity with social flair.Let’s unwrap this career.Winemakers: Who Are They? Call them enologists, vintners, or wine wizards. They run the show at wineries, ensuring each bottle […]

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Guglielmo Rocchiccioli

Sommelier Guglielmo Rocchiccioli

In the world of wine, few professionals command the respect and admiration that Sommelier Guglielmo Rocchiccioli does. With a career spanning several decades, Rocchiccioli has become a pivotal figure in the wine industry, known for his expertise, dedication, and ability to elevate the wine experience for enthusiasts and novices alike.Born in Italy, a country synonymous

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Two Cocktail Icons

In the vibrant world of cocktails, two drinks stand out for their distinctive flavors and storied histories: tequila-based concoctions and the classic Negroni. Each offers a unique window into the cultural and gastronomic traditions that have shaped them, providing not just a beverage but an experience. Tequila: The Soul of Mexico Tequila, distilled from the

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How to Open a Bottle of Wine

Why know how to open a bottle of wine? Because it is a beautiful beverage. Perhaps it’s the most complex and sophisticated, but it’s still easy to enjoy. Wine makes every occasion better — it turns get-togethers into celebrations and meals into dinner parties! And although knowing everything about wine is challenging, you don’t need

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Kosher Wine

The Top Israeli Wineries

The History of Israeli WineIsraeli wine-making stretches back thousands of years, and wine culture provides the backdrop for many notable events in the Torah and Old Testament. Similar to Greece, the vine was central to many religious observances and customs. As a result, Israel led the ancient world in grape growing, winemaking, and amphora production.

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Wine Cellar Pros and Cons

The Wine Cellar MythWine enthusiasts agree that aging wine is the ne plus ultra of wine expertise. But what if the whole enterprise was a folly, or worse, a marketing ploy to get consumers to invest in fancy wine accouterments and more? Maybe that’s too cynical a view. But here’s what we know: Most wines do

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sommelier wine tasting

Five Wines Loved by Sommeliers

“Drink what you like” has become the slogan of the wine cognoscenti at every sommelier wine tasting. You hear it everywhere: in restaurants and wineries, not to mention countless articles, books, and blogs. Aware that wine has a reputation for snobbery and elitism –not to mention an impenetrable vocabulary– their goal is simple: democratize the idea

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Wine Tasting Basics

Wine Tasting Basics

You’ll first need to gather some basic tools. Here are our recommendations. We don’t include decanting in this article, but it is recommended. Waiter’s CorkscrewSometimes also referred to as a wine key, this is the only corkscrew used by professionals. It is lightweight and portable and gives the user the most control over the cork.

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