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Wine Aroma Kits: Pros and Cons

Wine aroma kits, designed to hone tasting skills by isolating specific scents found in wine, have garnered praise and criticism from sommeliers and wine students. These kits typically include a variety of vials containing distinct aromas meant to represent the bouquet components of different wines.Pros of Wine Aroma KitsProfessionals in the wine industry, particularly educators […]

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Kosher Wine

The Top Israeli Wineries

The History of Israeli WineIsraeli wine-making stretches back thousands of years, and wine culture provides the backdrop for many notable events in the Torah and Old Testament. Similar to Greece, the vine was central to many religious observances and customs. As a result, Israel led the ancient world in grape growing, winemaking, and amphora production.

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Five Wines Loved by Sommeliers

“Drink what you like” has become the slogan of the wine cognoscenti at every sommelier wine tasting. You hear it everywhere: in restaurants and wineries, not to mention countless articles, books, and blogs. Aware that wine has a reputation for snobbery and elitism –not to mention an impenetrable vocabulary– their goal is simple: democratize the idea

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