Best Wine Apps

best wine apps,wine apps

We recognize that not all wine apps serve the same function. 

Some wine apps focus on rating wines, others on organizing wine collections, and still more on promoting wine education, etc. Most wine apps don’t attempt to “do it all” (nor should they).  That being said, the wine apps listed below are those that excel at what they do.

Disclaimer: We are not affiliated with any of these apps and are not being compensated to promote or endorse them.  We are merely offering our opinions on which apps may be useful to people who enjoy wine.

Most Efficient

best wine apps,wine apps

One word to describe this app: efficient.  The app does have wine storage management tools but without the cache of other apps. 

Think about how many times you have been at the store and Googled a wine that caught your eye. Then the inevitable internet searches to see how it matches up against other wines you’ve had, or if it has any decent reviews. CellarTracker does all of that in just one step!


Cellar Tracker is a step ahead of other wine-searching apps due to its vast database and powerful search engine.

It boasts “the world’s largest collection of wine reviews & cellar management tools”. And for good reason. 

Its UPS scanning system sets it apart from other apps. Simply type in a wine-related keyword and the app generates comprehensive results.

For Finding That Elusive Bottle

best wine apps,wine apps

Wine-Searcher is first and foremost an app that tells you where you can find that elusive bottle you’ve looking for!

To maximize performance, you need to allow the app to track your location.

This way it can find the stores nearest you that sell the bottle that you’re looking for!


Don’t let the name fool you, the app is not limited to wine – it can also search for spirits!

It has now expanded its suite of features to include articles and an inventory system

*Because the app includes small businesses and mom-and-pop type shops, it isn’t always entirely up-to-date, but it’s impressive how comprehensive it is.

For Scanning

Wine Labels

best wine apps,wine apps

When Vivino app pulls up a wine, you can read reviews and find its rating (on a 5-star system). You can also read brief tasting notes, background information on the relevant varietal(s) and the wine region!

The app also has a social networking aspect, where you can see what your friends are drinking and find their recommendations. 


In the label-scanning category, Vivino consistently reigns supreme. This app is well-known for helping consumers pick wines while browsing at the store, or sitting on their couch, with incredibly accurate results!

Based on your search history, the app will also recommend wines that it thinks you may like!

Vivino has 42 million users searching its database for suggestions and recommendations in order to make purchases. *However its product offerings are not as extensive as a or other online wine retailer apps.


best wine apps,wine apps


Though slightly less popular than Vivino, this app has improved greatly over the years and is becoming a powerhouse of resources. Its wine library and database of reviews continue to grow, making this a robust app.

For Natural Wine

best wine apps,wine apps

This app also has a social media aspect, where you can share the wine that you’re drinking with the community! Each wine posted on Raisin is researched by their team. If it is considered natural, a link will point to the winemaker’s index entry where you will be able to discover their other wines!

What is ‘Natural Wine’? There are many debates over how to define natural wine. For their purposes, Raisin is defining natural wine as, “A wine produced by winemakers dedicated to making healthy, vibrant wines, avoiding the use of chemicals in both the vines and the cellar.”


The Raisin app is relatively new, and getting better all the time! It is used all over the world to gather and share information about natural wine.

Plus, Raisin isn’t just about finding a bottle of natural wine. It has features to help you find the bars restaurants that serve it, the shops that sell it, and the winemakers who make it!

Their website also has a calendar of worldwide natural wine festivals, tastings, book signings, and film screenings. *This information will be available in the app starting November 2020.

Best Cellar Management system :

For the Serious Collector

best wine apps,wine apps

This app is a bit off the grid but has become a fan favorite due to the logistical power you can have with your home wine cellar

This app is a bit off the grid but has become a fan favorite due to the logistical power you can have with your home wine cellar.

The system not only tracks your wine but values it and keeps you up to date on the wine’s maturity.  It also comes with consultants who provide suggestions on how to manage the app and tailor it to the user’s preferences[5] and printable labels, wine tags, and scanners similar to an RFID system to create a holistic wine management system.


It is basically an at-home inventory management system with a dynamic visual guide. 

You can use it at home through the user-friendly app or even when you are away from home through an internet browser. 

The hefty price tag and sophisticated logistics mean it probably isn’t worth purchasing unless your collection is at least 500 bottles of wine. Cost: $3995 + Shipping

Best Cellar Management System

For the Rest of US…

best wine apps,wine apps

The current version has these features:

– Filters wine by vintage, category, country, region, varietal, etc.
– Detailed view of every wine including rating and larger image
– Favorites
– History for all storages
– Support barcodes for fast lookup of wines


A free app devoted exclusively to cellar management. Its interface and barcode scanning features have improved over time.  In addition, if you experience any issues, the support system is responsive and helpful.

Kellermeister definitely flies under the radar but has become a favorite for keeping track of a small, home cellar.

*One of the few downsides is that it doesn’t add wines from a database. You have to input everything by hand.

Best Online

Liquor Store

best wine apps,wine apps

Minimum purchases vary by the store located closest to you, delivery fees are around $5, and the variety of options available to you depends on the selections offered at your closest store (which you can change if your closest location doesn’t necessarily have what you want).


This is an app that has seen a huge increase in popularity since COVID-19 upset the world order.

You can have wine, beer, and spirits delivered to your home at pre-arranged times.

Drizly is a vital app for those people who live in states, such as Pennsylvania, where the state controls alcohol sales and limits where alcohol can be purchased.

For Wine Education

best wine apps,wine apps

This app provides information and quizzes in ten modules to help beginners build on their base of knowledge in a fun and easy way that doesn’t feel like school.

A fun tool to use to supplement your wine knowledge, however, this is by no means a replacement for rigorous study for those training for their sommelier exams.

Decanter: Know Your Wine

For anyone who wants to advance their wine knowledge!

Not to be confused with Decanter Premium, which is the app version of the print publication. ‘Know Your Wine’ was released by Decanter as a wine education app.






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  1. I am confused by the various wine apps. I seek high quality in a very limited range of functionality. Basically, I would like a scanner through my iPhone camera, that then generates a wine cellar inventory list that I can print. The only thing I would need to manage manually is number of bottles of a scanned entry, and consumption as I remove bottles from the cellar. I am talking about way too many wine varieties in a thousand bottle cellar.

    Any functionality beyond what I have noted (wine reviews, ratings, buying and maturity information etc) would be welcomed, but is unnecessary.

    Thank you.

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