Top 5 Wine Event Companies in America

It certainly does appear that wine is having its moment. Despite being a consumable beverage since 6000 BC, it seems that only recently people have started to jump on the vino bandwagon. With all this wine hype, wine event companies all over the country are popping up – promising tasting tips and wine wisdom.

However, not all of these companies are reputable. To help vino lovers discover the best of the best, we have compiled a list of the Top Five Wine Event Companies in America. With a high level of knowledge and ability to provide a quality event, the companies listed below are sure to satisfy the newest wine devotees to and seasoned pros.

Karen MacNeil & Company

When it comes to wine, Karen MacNeil knows a thing or two. As the only American to win “every major wine award given in the English language” (including the James Beard award for Wine and Spirits Professional of the Year), MacNeil is a globally renowned wine presenter, former Wine Correspondent on the Today Show, and founder of the Rudd Center for Professional Wine Studies at the Culinary Institute of America in the Napa Valley.

To share her expertise to the masses (read: Fortune 500 Companies), MacNeil founded Karen MacNeil & Company to execute corporate wine events. Offering services such as; tasting seminars, wine dinners, and wine region experiences; Karen MacNeil & Company has worked with numerous high-profile clients, including The Wine Institute, Disney, Godiva, and General Electric. “Karen brought the pleasure of wine tasting to a whole new level,” stated Charlene Begley, President, and CEO of GE Enterprise Solutions. Karen MacNeil & Company also occasionally offers classes to the public and media.  Jo Diaz, who attended a media event held for wine writers, was also impressed with MacNeil; “She – is- fascinating. (MacNeil) and her knowledge can hold an audience spellbound, as she shares all she knows about wine”

Location: Nationwide

Company Standout: “How Wine Pros Do It—The Inside Sensory Secrets to Wine Tasting” – A seminar that teaches insider sensory skills it took MacNeil 5 years to hone.

Oh, she also wrote a little book called The Wine Bible; which holds the title of being the best-selling wine book in the US. So, in actuality, Karen MacNeil knows A LOT about wine.

Learn more about Karen McNeil


Noted as the City of Angel’s premier destination for all things vino, WineLA has a unique origin story. In 1995, Ian Blackburn, a wine professional, launched; which is the first website dedicated to wine education. Fast forward twenty years, Blackburn was able to launch phase two of his goal of providing Angelenos access to superlative wine education by opening the doors of WineLA.

As a brick-and-mortar business, WineLA allows Blackburn to provide “wine education and entertainment” face-to-face. The company hosts a multitude of educational classes every year and boasts a robust event department that allows both corporations and the general public to hire out for private tastings, either held at WineLA headquarters or a location of choice. Blackburn, who is currently a 2nd year Master of Wine student, proves to be an excellent source of information according to numerous 5-star Yelp reviews. “All of my experiences have been positive – and the education and camaraderie have been a wonderful addition to my studies within this field,” stated one Yelp Reviewer. “I would suggest his services to anyone wishing to further their breadth and depth of knowledge”

Location: Los Angeles, CA

Company Standout: “Wine Camp” –  A two-hour introduction to wine – detailing wine-making, tasting and serving techniques, how to read labels, and more! Regarded as LA’s number one wine class, Wine Camp has over 100,000 students attended since its conception.

Covid 19 Update: For the moment, all events are limited to their Zoom into Wine activities. As stated on their website, WineLA plans to “…come back slowly and carefully at the new wineLA Academy!”

Learn More About LearnAboutWine

WineO Club

New York wine connoisseurs are spoiled for choice, which may make it difficult for a company such as WineO to stand out. However, being the best-reviewed wine event company in the city can help. Offering in-depth classes and top-notch events in their spacious Midtown locale has proven successful with New Yorkers and tourists alike!

It isn’t just the general public who are flocking to WineO. Their corporate events, which provide a unique team-building experience for companies to learn about wine in an unpretentious environment, have attracted the likes of Twitter, Merrill Lynch, and Macy’s, to name a few. Alumni and Private Party events are also offered with the choice of sit-down or station set-up, all in a fun and interactive learning environment. As a bonus, WineO also provides a personalized subscription service, delivering 3 to 4 wines from wineries and premium stores to members each month. What better way to retain your newfound wine knowledge than practicing at home?

Location: New York City

Company Standout: “Wine SROB” – a tasting event that features Sparkling, Rosé, Orange, and Blue (Blanc de Bleu Sparkling) wine, offering attendees the chance to try something new.

Learn More About WineO Club

The Sommelier Company

Their website states, “The Sommelier Company is America’s #1 Commercial Resource for Wine Expertise”. While that may seem like a lofty claim to make; with offices all over the globe staffed with 350 advanced Wine and Spirit professionals, it does not ring untrue. Living up to their namesake, The Sommelier Company has a network of top-notch Sommeliers at their disposal- providing team building, wine excursions, private tastings consulting, rare wine sourcing, or reviewing wines; they can do it all!

Numerous publications, including the Wall Street Journal and Business Insider, have named The Sommelier Company the leading wine and spirits firm.

To ensure all of their Wine Professionals are up to industry standards, they only hire the best – pulling from such esteemed institutions as the Society of Wine Educators, Wine and Spirits Education, and, of course, the Court of Master Sommeliers. In doing so, they yield a wide range of clients; Fortune 500 companies, wine trade organizations, and wine collectors all seek their knowledge.

Location: Worldwide

Company Standout: “Focused Wine, Beer & Spirits Seminars” – The Sommelier Company provides hands-on learning with wine tasting methodology 

Learn More About The Sommelier Company

The Wine School of Philadelphia

The Wine School of Philadelphia Events creates a fun and educational atmosphere regardless of class size. Each event is tailored to your specific needs. Whether it be a private in-home tasting for friends and family or an in-office networking event for employees and clients, you can be sure your event will remember and keep people talking for months to come.  

Voted Best of Philly and named Top Wine School in America!

The events at the Wine School aren’t limited to wine alone. Whiskey, beer, food pairing, and craft cocktail events are all offered, providing attendees with a wide breadth of wine knowledge. In addition, keynote speakers and seminar events are right up their sleeve – “When you hire the Wine School, you are hiring the top echelon of wine industry insiders and personalities.” The Wine School Events team takes pride in ensuring everyone, from the novice to the expert, is learning on their appropriate level and having fun at the same time. They leave the wine snob business at the door and love guests who do the same! 

Location: Philadelphia, PA

Company Standout: “Sommelier Secrets,” an event that teaches you how to Speak, Sip, and Shop like a wine pro.

“The Wine School created the perfect event: creatively exciting and accessible to everyone,” stated Ikea National Headquarters.

Learn More About The Wine School of Philadelphia

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