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Wine Storage 101

In the 21st Century, wine has transcended the vineyards to become a part of lifestyle and investment portfolios. The United States houses some of the most sophisticated wine storage solutions, designed to cater to a broad spectrum of wine enthusiasts—from the casual drinker to the seasoned collector. The facilities highlighted here are some of our favorites, offering a blend of security, technology, and community that distinguishes them as the top choices for wine preservation and enjoyment.

At the heart of these facilities is a deep understanding of wine’s delicate nature and the intricate balance required to preserve its quality. Domaine Storage, with locations spread across Napa, Chicago, Washington D.C., New York, and St. Louis, exemplifies this with its Amazon-like logistics and vast capacity to house and track over 2 million bottles. Its comprehensive membership perks, including access to CellarTracker and bespoke sommelier consulting services, showcase a commitment not just to storage but to the enhancement of the wine experience.

Mana Wine in Jersey City pivots from traditional storage to integrate fine arts, offering a space where wine and culture coalesce. This facility’s advanced temperature and humidity controls, alongside flood-free design and backup power generators, ensure the utmost safety and preservation of valuable collections.

Vinfolio takes a unique approach by integrating storage with its online retail and marketplace, providing a seamless service for buyers and sellers. This smart vertical integration, coupled with white-glove logistics and the use of proprietary AI for inventory management, positions Vinfolio at the forefront of innovation in wine storage and management.

Cellar Fifty-Five in Sarasota and 55 Degrees in St. Helena revive the old-world charm with modern technology, offering secure and versatile options for all sizes of collections. Their personal touch in services, including event hosting and design customization, reflects a growing trend towards making wine storage a part of lifestyle choices.

Emerging facilities like Birch Road Cellar and Caverna 57 highlight the evolving landscape of wine storage, blending security with community and technology. Birch Road Cellar transforms historic buildings into exclusive wine clubs, while Caverna 57 employs cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal preservation conditions, reflecting the dynamic fusion of tradition and innovation in the wine storage industry.

These facilities stand out not only for their technological sophistication and range of services but also for their understanding of the wine community’s needs. They offer spaces where enthusiasts can gather, share, and enjoy their collections in settings that are as carefully curated as the wines themselves. This blend of security, community, and innovation makes them the top wine storage facilities in the U.S., catering to the diverse needs of today’s wine collectors and enthusiasts.

You don’t need to be a large fine wine collector to store your prized bottles. Across the US, storage facilities are thriving and have tailored their storage options to suit serious collectors, winemakers, wine retailers, and small wine enthusiasts. They have also diversified their services to include wine tastings, clubhouse events, art galleries and co-working spaces. Here are our top picks.

Vintage Vault

Location: 1511 W 38th St, Chicago, IL 60609

Our hometown wine storage super-star. Vintage Vault is recognized for its secure, climate-controlled wine storage and professional customer service. The facility excels in maintaining optimal conditions for wine preservation. Staff are noted for their efficiency and knowledge, offering logistical support for storing collections and insightful recommendations. Vintage Vault stands as a reliable choice for wine collectors, and it is marked by a strong commitment to security and technological innovation in wine management.

Domaine Storage

Location: Napa, Chicago, Washington D.C., New York, St. Louis

Domaine Storage has impeccable logistics and runs its five storage facilities like an Amazon warehouse. Domaine also offers pallet-refrigerated units for temporary needs, modular and collapsible wine racks, and can house and track over 2 million bottles.

Membership perks include CellarTracker, an online inventory and tracking system; access to a cozy tasting lounge and wine library; concierge pickup/delivery/packaging services; a la carte sommelier consulting services such as collection appraisals and disaster management; and insurance – which is hard to come by as most other storage facilities rely on their users via homeowner’s insurance policies or additional fees.

Mana Storage Facility

Originally a fine arts storage and contemporary art gallery, the 22,000 sq. ft. Mana now offers unlimited storage options for private collectors, restaurants, wineries, wine associations, and even the NY Chapter of Chaîne des Rôtisseurs, an international food and wine club.

In the late 90s, Mana Wine rehabilitated several abandoned warehouses in Jersey City, adding expensive state-of-the-art features such as temperature & humidity sensors, a flood-free facility with three backup generators, and a digital inventory system to track barcodes and wine labels.

Mana Wine

Location: Jersey City, NJ

Mana Wine is a wine & fine arts storage facility recently featured in the New York Times!

Their unbundled pricing model, however, caters more to industry players (i.e., $300 per month for a 5×6 locker; $810 per month for a 9×9 locker; $45 per month for collection management) and includes same-day bottle pickup and delivery service in the NY tri-state area, as well as an exclusive members-only retail wine community and marketplace partnership with San Francisco-based online retailer Vinfolio.

Vinfolio’s Wine Lounge in San Francisco

Vinfolio is an example of a smart vertically integrated wine distributor: an online retailer/marketplace coupled with a California storage facility. In other words, it sells, buys, assesses, packages, catalogs, and ships its members’ bottles.

Vinfolio manages a pool of 650,000 bottles and charges an annual storage fee of $600 for up to 100 bottles and other logistical fees (e.g., intake/inbound/pick-up/delivery).

Vinfolio Wine Storage

Location: Online & American Canyon, CA

Its “white-glove logistics” include intelligent storage, a team of experts in cellar acquisition & management, and proprietary AI software- Vincellar. This inventory management tool is also a smart brokerage account that helps manage, assess, analyze, sell & buy wine collections, and generates preferential intelligent wine recommendations.

The Lounge at Cellar 55

Located in a state-of-the-art industrial warehouse able to withstand a category 5 hurricane, Cellar Fifty-Five offers classic and premium memberships for $35 – $400 per month with a 3-month minimum commitment.

Members have access to 200 lockers with ten different size options and walk-in cellars, and enjoy concierge services such as access to CellarTracker app, management of wine club deliveries, Sunday and late-night pickups, 24/7 private storage access, and customized cellar design.

Cellar 55

Location: Sarasota, Florida

Cellar Fifty-Five is a boutique storage/wine club that stores your wine and provides lounge space for private events.

Cellar Fifty-Five is also a wine club with an extensive network of wine specialty shops, country clubs, and other wine experts.

55 Degrees offers three flexible storage memberships: “Bulk,” “Local,” and “Platinum.” Bulk is for small, no-contract collections (1-12 bottles – $10 – $25 per locker per month; month-to-month rental); Local is a self-managed storage option for local residents (10 – 12 cases per locker; $50 per month per locker; 6-month to a 1-year contract); and Platinum is for large collections and access to white-glove club services (10-12 cases per locker, $85 per locker per month; 6-month or 1-year contract).

Some perks include the possibility of proxy-bid on local auction lots and access to CellarTracker, the standard online inventory tool to track and manage collections at 55 Degrees and other personal cellars.

55 Degrees

Location: St. Helena, California

Located in an 1889 brandy storage warehouse, 55 Degrees evokes Old World wine storage with its chicken-wire lockers, thick stone-walled cellars, and an old pub tasting room.

Membership fees range between $89 and $119 per month with no annual contract and include a beverage locker; unlimited fingerprint-entry access to the self-policing BYOB tasting lounge, bar, and dining rooms; and private events for members and their societies, such as the Cork Dorks.

Birch Road Cellar

Location: Seattle, WA & Chicago, IL

Birch Road Cellar is another example of a small-scale storage and wine club with secret locations in Seattle and Chicago.

Two female wine aficionados, the founders transformed historic buildings such as their 1901 horse stable Seattle clubhouse into a nostalgic speakeasy, where members enjoy access to Arts and Crafts-style wood lockers, a BYOB social club, and even a co-working space.

Caverna 57

Caverna 57’s features boast biometric fingerprint scanner access, backup smart switch IOT redundancy technology for refrigeration in case of power loss, and an app tracking the real-time psychrometric data of the cellars.

Despite their impressive features, membership rates remain competitive and flexible, starting at $49 per month for month-to-month, 6-month, or 12-month leases. Members can mix and match various combinations of lockers (from 120 bottles to 60 cases), as well as participate in on-site events managed by Eventi, a private event-planning firm.

Location: Sacramento, California

Dubbed the “underground fortress,” Caverna 57 is a state-of-the-art facility.

Horse Ridge Cellars

Horse Ridge can accommodate between a 200-bottle collection and a 2,000+ case collection and primarily works with private collectors, investors, wine retailers, or distributors between Boston and New York City.

Its pricing model is a la carte: Storage ($1.25 – $2 per box per month); Handling ($1 per box); Inventory management / special projects ($60 per hour), and shipping ($8 – $15 per box).

Members have access to a proprietary online inventory-tracking app, short-term wine storage (e.g., disaster recovery, relocation, or overflow), and collection insurance against fire, theft, breakage, water damage, or nuclear detonations/fallout.

Location: Connecticut

Don’t be fooled by its idyllic appearance. Horse Ridge Cellars is an impenetrable vault: a 25,000 sq. ft. 1950-era nuclear bomb shelter that is so secretive that its exact location isn’t publicly disclosed. Includes underground cellars reinforced with half-foot-thick concrete walls, a 12-ton vault door, and a 3-stage temperature protection system.

Border Wine Storage

Located in Ferndale, just 15 minutes from the border, the facility is a spotless bunker with concrete floors and thick, heavily insulated double walls, energy-efficient LED lighting, and motion sensors.

Clients can store up to 100 cases in three-size lockers (6 cases for $23 per month, 13 cases for $35 per month, or 26 cases for $67 per month.) Border Wine can also assist its international clientele with customs duty, taxes, and trans-border transportation.

Location: Ferndale, Washington

Border Wine Storage is an affordable and straightforward storage option allowing Canadians to purchase and store their US wines close to their home.

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